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Daytripper: Recommended Reading for Dads

If I were to put together a “Recommended Reading” list for dads, Fàbio Moon and Gabriel Bà’s Daytripper would definitely… read more Daytripper: Recommended Reading for Dads

The Pursuit of Parenting

Recently, I suffered my children’s fierce complaints about having to go to Chinese school over the summer. All of their… read more The Pursuit of Parenting

The Art of the Chinese Compliment

I pulled a real Chinese parent move recently. My eldest’s piano teacher told me he was playing very well but… read more The Art of the Chinese Compliment

Little Dragon, Long Shadow

Robert and Phoebe, share quaint stories about their famous brother, Bruce. I’m a sucker for Bruce Lee documentaries. Not because… read more Little Dragon, Long Shadow

In Praise of Appreciation

The key characteristic of appreciation education is its focus on a child’s strengths and fortes and building upon them, in… read more In Praise of Appreciation

I Not Stupid Also

The movie, I Not Stupid Too, dramatically presents the academic and emotional stress students in Singapore schools face from their… read more I Not Stupid Also

Bottom of the Barrel

Using a stereotype to judge people is like using a standardized test to gauge intelligence. A stereotype does not capture… read more Bottom of the Barrel


It is a horrible feeling not being able to trust your mother. Recently, I have had to draw some pretty… read more Trust