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When I think about Singapore, I think of the curious accents of its citizens (speaking Cantonese and English). I think… read more Singa-Score

Tween Life and Death

A coworker told me the saddest thing last week. There was a story in the Post with the headline: “Bullies… read more Tween Life and Death

Glad in Utah

I am in Salt Lake City, Utah for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) conference. One of the… read more Glad in Utah

The Meaning of School

It is important to me that my son value and see meaning in going to school. Regardless of how much… read more The Meaning of School

Getting Down to Business

This year’s PBS Teaching and Learning Celebration featured a session presented by Deborah Meier and Diane Ravitch. Their blog, Bridging… read more Getting Down to Business

I Not Stupid Also

The movie, I Not Stupid Too, dramatically presents the academic and emotional stress students in Singapore schools face from their… read more I Not Stupid Also

Bottom of the Barrel

Using a stereotype to judge people is like using a standardized test to gauge intelligence. A stereotype does not capture… read more Bottom of the Barrel