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Tiananmen Tankman at 25

This past Wednesday, June 4, marked the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre, when the Chinese government ordered the Red… read more Tiananmen Tankman at 25

Sentimental About Local/Express

When Curtis Chin (founder of the Asian American Writer’s Workshop) asked me to submit something to an anthology he was… read more Sentimental About Local/Express

Paul Yee’s Money Boy

Sodagreen’s “Little Universe” (the video above) plays in the background at the sushi restaurant where Ray meets some people who… read more Paul Yee’s Money Boy

An Asian American Summer Reading List

A version of this list appears on k2twelve.com and ricedaddies.com.   Mia Wenjen’s Jade Luck Club has the most extensive and… read more An Asian American Summer Reading List