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[Click the picture for Jin’s ABC rap.] I hated Chinese school. I hated the squeezing into the family car for… read more ABCs

“Caste”-ing Call

My eldest was one of the kids who took the citywide gifted and talented test meant to bring equity to… read more “Caste”-ing Call

Victor Who?

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QtdFeDx48Q&hl=en] I was one of those kids in the video. In many ways I still am. If you were to… read more Victor Who?

Seeing Sulu

I finally got around to editing the video my wife shot at the reading I was a part of in… read more Seeing Sulu

In Praise of Appreciation

The key characteristic of appreciation education is its focus on a child’s strengths and fortes and building upon them, in… read more In Praise of Appreciation

I Not Stupid Also

The movie, I Not Stupid Too, dramatically presents the academic and emotional stress students in Singapore schools face from their… read more I Not Stupid Also

Bottom of the Barrel

Using a stereotype to judge people is like using a standardized test to gauge intelligence. A stereotype does not capture… read more Bottom of the Barrel

Hey, Guess What I’m Doing January 20th?

I’m going to be reading with friends I lost touch with almost a decade ago.

Native Tongue

I want my children to learn Chinese because: I’m Chinese. It is important to me that my children retain a… read more Native Tongue