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“Beverly Hills to Boot Non-District K-8 Pupils.”  I don’t know which disturbs me more: the headline or the “under-informed” (as… read more 9021No

Do You See the Bull?

The (hu)man(archist)

The sign on the left says: Poverty. Whoever You Vote For. It STILL EXISTS. The sign on the right says:… read more The (hu)man(archist)


On April 24, the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) circulated a press release asking public officials, media representatives, and community… read more Karma

Victor Who?

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QtdFeDx48Q&hl=en] I was one of those kids in the video. In many ways I still am. If you were to… read more Victor Who?

The Meaning of School

It is important to me that my son value and see meaning in going to school. Regardless of how much… read more The Meaning of School

West 4th Street Station – 03.15.08

Graffiti on the station wall: The Revolution is Here! Tell Your Friends! I thought: Of Course it’s Here! It’s a… read more West 4th Street Station – 03.15.08

Bottom of the Barrel

Using a stereotype to judge people is like using a standardized test to gauge intelligence. A stereotype does not capture… read more Bottom of the Barrel