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Jackie Chan in the Eagle Dad’s Shadow

When I think of Jackie Chan, I usually think of a Kung Fu fighting Harold Lloyd. Jackie’s the bumbler, the… read more Jackie Chan in the Eagle Dad’s Shadow

Vincent Chin, Danny Chen, and Coping with Betrayal

Last weekend marked the 30th Anniversary of the murder of Vincent Chin. The week that lead up to it was… read more Vincent Chin, Danny Chen, and Coping with Betrayal

Daytripper: Recommended Reading for Dads

If I were to put together a “Recommended Reading” list for dads, Fàbio Moon and Gabriel Bà’s Daytripper would definitely… read more Daytripper: Recommended Reading for Dads

Christmas, Santa, and Jesus

As a parent, two stories I would like to tell better are the story of 9/11 and the story of… read more Christmas, Santa, and Jesus

Master of the Manly Arts

Sometimes when I hear talk of “manliness,”  Damon Wayans appears in my head wearing a ridiculously tiny bowler with David… read more Master of the Manly Arts

Animal Husbandry

It began with a Tweet. I had read Panda Dad’s “epilogue” and Tweeted that he had me “up until he… read more Animal Husbandry

Tiger Mother’s Day

“Top of the World Ma! Top of the World!” That’s what I hear in my head whenever someone mentions “Mother’s… read more Tiger Mother’s Day

Indirect Spite & Engagement

There are two interesting Chinese documentaries streaming on Netflix right now: Weijun Chen’s Please Vote for Me (2007) and  Lixin… read more Indirect Spite & Engagement

The Lamb Mothers

I jumped on the bandwagon and posted a reaction on Rice Daddies to Amy Chua’s article and book about the … read more The Lamb Mothers

The Santa Cause

Two of my favorite holiday movies are Miracle on 34th Street and Bass and Rankin’s The Year Without a Santa… read more The Santa Cause

My Father, My Teacher?

There was an interesting discussion on NPR’s Tell Me More about fathers getting involved in their children’s education. I didn’t… read more My Father, My Teacher?


I’ve been calling it my “succumbing to mid-life crisis” purchase (in addition to the electric guitar). For my birthday this… read more PS40-something

The Deferred

I grew up among a handful of Chinese families in Hollis, Queens. I have been mugged three times in my… read more The Deferred

The Newly Chinese

It’s not hard to draw comparisons between the new century vilification of Mexicans and the turn of the century vilification… read more The Newly Chinese

The Pursuit of Parenting

Recently, I suffered my children’s fierce complaints about having to go to Chinese school over the summer. All of their… read more The Pursuit of Parenting

Father’s Day & that Chapin Song

Father’s Day always makes me think of that Harry Chapin song, “Cat’s in the Cradle” – More so now that… read more Father’s Day & that Chapin Song


  I am going to play to stereotype and quote Bruce Lee: Knowledge in martial arts actually means self-knowledge… ultimately,… read more Honesty

The Art of the Chinese Compliment

I pulled a real Chinese parent move recently. My eldest’s piano teacher told me he was playing very well but… read more The Art of the Chinese Compliment

For the Record

Listening to Rosanne Cash speak at the Times Center got me thinking about what “The List” I give my children… read more For the Record


I remember our first Christmas together. I had gotten her one of those hand-held electric back massagers (which she asked… read more humbug