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#NPM17: Sylvia Plath

When I was a BOY POET in high school I was in love with Sylvia Plath. I didn’t know at… read more #NPM17: Sylvia Plath

Coupon Audit Top 100 Book Blogs (I’m #93)

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit

My Father, My Teacher?

There was an interesting discussion on NPR’s Tell Me More about fathers getting involved in their children’s education. I didn’t… read more My Father, My Teacher?

Every Sha La La La

Sometimes when I sit down to write, I open my Web browser intending to find the source of a quote… read more Every Sha La La La

Blog Out

Sometimes it is not a matter of what is said (or being the first to say it) but a matter… read more Blog Out

The Speech I Wanted to Give (2nd time around)

  Last year I was given the opportunity to address an audience of fourth through twelfth graders at an awards… read more The Speech I Wanted to Give (2nd time around)

Go thou across the ground…

“Bloggers are not writers,” Rebecca states in reaction to Jaron’s assertion, “blogging is not writing.” But his words are taken… read more Go thou across the ground…

The Speech I Wanted to Give

[This is the speech I wanted to give to a group of grade 4 – 12 students but didn’t because… read more The Speech I Wanted to Give

Seeing Sulu

I finally got around to editing the video my wife shot at the reading I was a part of in… read more Seeing Sulu

Hey, Guess What I’m Doing January 20th?

I’m going to be reading with friends I lost touch with almost a decade ago.

No Comment

A friend and I have been engaged in an ongoing sometimes heated but always interesting debate about saying, No, in… read more No Comment

Writing Assignment

Last fall, I took a children’s book writing class. The first assignment was to write a letter to yourself at… read more Writing Assignment

Waxy Poetic

It used to pour out of me. It used to be a state of mind. I used to be able… read more Waxy Poetic

What I Do

My goal after college was to sell the film rights and go out in a blaze of glory.Things didn’t happen… read more What I Do