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#NPM17: Sylvia Plath

When I was a BOY POET in high school I was in love with Sylvia Plath. I didn’t know at… read more #NPM17: Sylvia Plath

Coupon Audit Top 100 Book Blogs (I’m #93)

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit

Whimsy During Sandy

After seeing pictures of the devastation Sandy left in her wake, my own problems seemed very small and very manageable…. read more Whimsy During Sandy

Once in a Lifetime: Ten Years of Telling My 9/11 Story

There’s a curious lyric right after the famous opening lines of the Talking Heads song, “Once In A Lifetime.” Letting… read more Once in a Lifetime: Ten Years of Telling My 9/11 Story

Eye Confess

I was OK with it even with my inner- Tiger Mom (the angry condescending voice in my head that berates… read more Eye Confess


Hamlet was my introduction to the Danes; Him and Danny Kaye prancing around a Hollywood set as Hans Christian Andersen…. read more Arbejdsglaede


From their website: Reverb 10 is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s… read more Reverb10

Imagine 30 Years Ago

Bowie credits Lennon for inspiring “Fame.” Thirty years ago today. Where was I? High School. It feels like I was… read more Imagine 30 Years Ago

My Father, My Teacher?

There was an interesting discussion on NPR’s Tell Me More about fathers getting involved in their children’s education. I didn’t… read more My Father, My Teacher?

Getting to “No” You

Whenever I think about rejection, I think about that old Johnny Yune joke: Women think I’m a sex object. I… read more Getting to “No” You

The New York Love Story

Where Paris is the “City of Love and Light,” New York is the “City of Lighted Love Stories” – which… read more The New York Love Story

The Deferred

I grew up among a handful of Chinese families in Hollis, Queens. I have been mugged three times in my… read more The Deferred

The Newly Chinese

It’s not hard to draw comparisons between the new century vilification of Mexicans and the turn of the century vilification… read more The Newly Chinese

A Pivotal Book

To Kill A Mockingbird is 50 years old. In a story examining the relevance of the book today as compared… read more A Pivotal Book

Every Sha La La La

Sometimes when I sit down to write, I open my Web browser intending to find the source of a quote… read more Every Sha La La La

Blog Out

Sometimes it is not a matter of what is said (or being the first to say it) but a matter… read more Blog Out

The Speech I Wanted to Give (2nd time around)

  Last year I was given the opportunity to address an audience of fourth through twelfth graders at an awards… read more The Speech I Wanted to Give (2nd time around)

Bitter Tea

Recently Turner Classic Movies played The Good Earth and The Bitter Tea of General Yen back to back. I caught… read more Bitter Tea


When I posted about the Beverly Hills Unified School District expelling non-district (or “permit”) students I made assumptions. I assumed… read more A-SLUM-ptions

Go thou across the ground…

“Bloggers are not writers,” Rebecca states in reaction to Jaron’s assertion, “blogging is not writing.” But his words are taken… read more Go thou across the ground…