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Warhol Cow prints
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Warhol in Three D

The Whitney’s Warhol exhibit gave me a new perspective on his work.  Up until “Andy Warhol— From A to B… read more Warhol in Three D

Bowie is Documentary

There were two pieces of Bowie memorabilia I brought with me my freshman year of college and my first time… read more Bowie is Documentary

My First Otakon

This year Otakon celebrated its 20th anniversary and I celebrated my first Otakon! According to Wikipedia, Otakon is “one of… read more My First Otakon

Monkey’s Lincoln Center Journey

Stephen Chow’s A Chinese Odyssey is among my favorite adaptations of the Monkey King story I think it would be… read more Monkey’s Lincoln Center Journey

NYCC 2012: Pokemon Pictures

Pictures from the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 celebration at SIR Stage 37.

NYCC 2011: Green Lantern Series Review

WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS! Among the highlights of the 2011 New York Comic Con is the preview my children and I… read more NYCC 2011: Green Lantern Series Review

This Year’s NYCC 2011

Like talking to teenagers about sex, not enough conversation happens between elementary/middle school students and their adult counterparts (teachers and… read more This Year’s NYCC 2011


Hamlet was my introduction to the Danes; Him and Danny Kaye prancing around a Hollywood set as Hans Christian Andersen…. read more Arbejdsglaede


Good friends tell each other the truth. They are honest with one another. But sometimes good friends allow each other… read more NYCC/NYAF 2010

My Mummy’s Curse

  Maybe it was a just the times – Leonard Nimoy on In Search Of narrating the mysterious death of… read more My Mummy’s Curse


When I think “asylum,” I think of safety as in to “give asylum to.” Then I think of One Flew… read more Asylum


What would you do to change education if you ruled the world? That’s how Jon Snyder began the Bank Street… read more Communion-ity

More than Just a Kiss

Marita doesn’t need a brand-new school with acres of playing fields and gleaming facilities. She doesn’t need a laptop, a… read more More than Just a Kiss

Pictures from Brooklyn

My eldest and I spent the day at the Brooklyn Book Fest (more correctly the Target Activities Tent). We had… read more Pictures from Brooklyn

This a bird, This a plane

When my Ahma came over she couldn’t read English. To manage, she devised a system for identifying objects by shape,… read more This a bird, This a plane

More than a Show

I am fortunate to have really talented friends. Becky and I have been friends since college. I consider myself lucky… read more More than a Show

Make Music New York 06.21.08

[youtube=] It was a case of wrong place, wrong time for my wife, the boys, and me at this year’s… read more Make Music New York 06.21.08

Muse ’em, See ’em, But Don’t Touch ’em

[youtube=] Inspired by the great experience we had at the Cai Guo exhibit at the Guggenheim a few months back,… read more Muse ’em, See ’em, But Don’t Touch ’em

Greetings from Utah

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