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NYCC 2011: National Gaming Day

I was looking forward to the New York Comic Con (NYCC) panel on National Gaming Day. And was disappointed when… read more NYCC 2011: National Gaming Day

Watching Farewell My Concubine As A Teacher and A Father

Netflix is streaming Chen Kaige’s Farewell My Concubine. The movie is as good as I remember it. But watching it… read more Watching Farewell My Concubine As A Teacher and A Father

Remembering Sir

Right around the fifth paragraph of Marie Lee’s op-ed in the New York Times To Sir With Love started playing… read more Remembering Sir

Lt. Columbo: A Layperson’s Guide in Effective Teaching

An abridged version of this post appears on the K2Twelve blog. For one reason or another I am unable to… read more Lt. Columbo: A Layperson’s Guide in Effective Teaching

My Father, My Teacher?

There was an interesting discussion on NPR’s Tell Me More about fathers getting involved in their children’s education. I didn’t… read more My Father, My Teacher?

Mnemonic Rocks

Even before my eldest could write proper words, I made him keep a journal. I was inspired by a friend… read more Mnemonic Rocks

When it LOOKS like education

This weekend it occurred to me Mark Twain’s Diaries of Adam and Eve is an allegory for educational policy, practice,… read more When it LOOKS like education


  I am going to play to stereotype and quote Bruce Lee: Knowledge in martial arts actually means self-knowledge… ultimately,… read more Honesty

Place Value

Robyn Jackson provides this example of “classroom currency” in the February 2010 of Educational Leadership : For instance, earning good… read more Place Value


When I posted about the Beverly Hills Unified School District expelling non-district (or “permit”) students I made assumptions. I assumed… read more A-SLUM-ptions


“Beverly Hills to Boot Non-District K-8 Pupils.”  I don’t know which disturbs me more: the headline or the “under-informed” (as… read more 9021No

Shopping at Macy’s

Shopping at Macy’s is a metaphor for teacher merit pay. Sales associates at Macy’s work on commission. For every item… read more Shopping at Macy’s

More than Just a Kiss

Marita doesn’t need a brand-new school with acres of playing fields and gleaming facilities. She doesn’t need a laptop, a… read more More than Just a Kiss

Whee Wee Wii!

When someone gives you something regardless of whether it falls short of your expectations or not, it does not change… read more Whee Wee Wii!

This Year’s NYAF

We were fortunate to be among the latter-first in line to see the premiere of Soul Eater. We weren’t the… read more This Year’s NYAF

Discovering the Drama

There is a certain level of showmanship expected from the world’s largest nonfiction media company. Begun in 1985 with 156,000… read more Discovering the Drama


When I think about Singapore, I think of the curious accents of its citizens (speaking Cantonese and English). I think… read more Singa-Score

This a bird, This a plane

When my Ahma came over she couldn’t read English. To manage, she devised a system for identifying objects by shape,… read more This a bird, This a plane

Fallacy Symbol

The belief that centralization leads to greater efficiency is organizational fallacy. While it streamlines decision making and reporting, it does… read more Fallacy Symbol

The Tribe of Babas

There was a rally in front of my children’s school. Many children (despite having gone through a lottery and been… read more The Tribe of Babas