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David Bowie

The Venture Brothers is my favorite Bowie-Non-Bowie comedy performance. Kara Eva Schiegl writes a pithy piece on David Bowie as… read more David Bowie

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Axel Greece

An 80s song for an 80s story. There are two very enigmatic men in Lyddie’s life: Phelps, her botanist husband,… read more Axel Greece

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An Incredible iZombie Promise

Where ABC and Fox make you wait a week to see the latest episode (unless you have a cable subscription), The CW understands that it’s commercial TV (not subscription) and that its viewers can’t stop their worlds (no matter how much they want to) to sit and watch their favorite show or, as in my case, take a chance on a new one. … ”The Exterminator” is a good episode in my opinion because it got me wondering if Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright, the show’s creators, would ever make an episode where Liv is frustrated by the stereotypes people have about zombies (like the cavemen in the old GEICO ads ) or write an episode where Liv had to confront own biases towards “Walking Dead” type zombies.

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Sequeling Shakespeare

Based on the novel “The Kouga Ninja Scrolls” by Futaro Yamada, “Basilisk” tells a story similar to Romeo and Juliet’s… read more Sequeling Shakespeare

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Wayward Night

Lorde’s cover of Tears for Fears Everybody Wants to Rule the World. I want to believe M Night Shyamalan was… read more Wayward Night

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Po-gart in The Jade Dodo

Kids React to Typewriters In the movie Kung Fu Panda, Po, a well-intentioned but bumbling dreamer, suddenly finds himself recruited… read more Po-gart in The Jade Dodo

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Dear Nick and Elyse

Shirley Ellis doing the Name Game. Dear Nick and Elyse (and Lori): I saw your episode of Beyond the Tank…. read more Dear Nick and Elyse

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Where Angel Should Have Gone

WARNING! SPOILERS! Child of television. When I was told AJ Scudiere’s Under Dark Skies was a “supernatural crime thriller” and… read more Where Angel Should Have Gone

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The Duality and Deconstruction of James Junya Thompson

A friend once told me that Hesse’s Steppenwolf was a different book when read at 40 from when it was… read more The Duality and Deconstruction of James Junya Thompson

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Virunga Ruined My Sunday

Admittedly, I should have read the description of Virunga more closely. All I saw on its Netflix banner was “Oscar… read more Virunga Ruined My Sunday