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An Incredible iZombie Promise

Where ABC and Fox make you wait a week to see the latest episode (unless you have a cable subscription), The CW understands that it’s commercial TV (not subscription) and that its viewers can’t stop their worlds (no matter how much they want to) to sit and watch their favorite show or, as in my case, take a chance on a new one. … ”The Exterminator” is a good episode in my opinion because it got me wondering if Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright, the show’s creators, would ever make an episode where Liv is frustrated by the stereotypes people have about zombies (like the cavemen in the old GEICO ads ) or write an episode where Liv had to confront own biases towards “Walking Dead” type zombies.

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Wayward Night

Lorde’s cover of Tears for Fears Everybody Wants to Rule the World. I want to believe M Night Shyamalan was… read more Wayward Night

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Dear Nick and Elyse

Shirley Ellis doing the Name Game. Dear Nick and Elyse (and Lori): I saw your episode of Beyond the Tank…. read more Dear Nick and Elyse

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Virunga Ruined My Sunday

Admittedly, I should have read the description of Virunga more closely. All I saw on its Netflix banner was “Oscar… read more Virunga Ruined My Sunday

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The Doctor Oswald

Remember the Thompson Twins’ “Doctor, Doctor?” WARNING SPOILERS! DISCLAIMER: I am not a Whovian, just a fan with a theory…. read more The Doctor Oswald

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I’m A Sleepyhead

Before I begin writing about the Sleepy Hollow panel I attended at this year’s New York Comic Con, I’d like… read more I’m A Sleepyhead

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Emma Lives!

I swear I heard TV Guide’s Damian Holbrook utter the word “atonement” during The Following panel he moderated at this… read more Emma Lives!

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The Lost Comic Con and the Missed Comic Con

The 2013 New York Comic Con was my “lost Comic Con,” I was there in body but my exhausted spirit… read more The Lost Comic Con and the Missed Comic Con

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Bowie is Documentary

There were two pieces of Bowie memorabilia I brought with me my freshman year of college and my first time… read more Bowie is Documentary

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Ip Men

Right now on Netflix you have your choice of four “Ip men”: extra fancy, fancy, regular, and plain. Wong Kar… read more Ip Men