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Animal Husbandry

It began with a Tweet. I had read Panda Dad’s “epilogue” and Tweeted that he had me “up until he… read more Animal Husbandry

The End of Books Store

I remember my first Amazon purchase. It was also my first Internet purchase. My curiosity was stirred by something I… read more The End of Books Store

Bobby’s Girl

What’s great about Lisa Yee’s book, Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally), is not that includes a Stay At Home Dad (SAHD),… read more Bobby’s Girl

Picturing Books: Martina the Beautiful Cockroach

Martina the Beautiful Cockroach by Carmen Agra Deedy. Illustrated by Michael Austin. The kids and I saw this book lying… read more Picturing Books: Martina the Beautiful Cockroach

vício em circunstância

Much like Cigano – the Gypsy – the narrator – I quit Narcisa: Our Lady of Ashes only to return… read more vício em circunstância


When it comes to “druggie fiction” – stories about drugs and alternative lifestyles by addicts or people who talk like… read more Crank

Picturing Books: Whatever

In William Bee’s Whatever, an eager father tries desperately to engage his son, who has no interest in anything. Drawn… read more Picturing Books: Whatever

Tuesday Tickler: Apache

I don’t know which is funnier, this scene from the Prince of Bel Air, or the original that’s been floating… read more Tuesday Tickler: Apache

Picturing Books: Tiny Titans

While not picture books in the traditional sense of stitched hardcovers, the Tiny Titans series by Art Baltazar and Franco… read more Picturing Books: Tiny Titans

Picturing Books: Quiet

What’s interesting about Deborah Underwood and Renata Liwska’s The Quiet Book is its message that it is okay not to… read more Picturing Books: Quiet

Picturing Books: Red Fish

Tae Eun Yoo’s The Little Red Fish is pretty story about a boy’s fantasy adventure in a library. It seemed… read more Picturing Books: Red Fish

Picturing Books: Boy Dumplings & Oh No

I believe with those who believe picture books are an art form. I appreciate the art of the picture book…. read more Picturing Books: Boy Dumplings & Oh No

The New York Love Story

Where Paris is the “City of Love and Light,” New York is the “City of Lighted Love Stories” – which… read more The New York Love Story

Where the Dog Star Never Glows

  Tara’s Dog Star stories make me think of Morrissey crooning: I am human and I need to belong just… read more Where the Dog Star Never Glows

A Pivotal Book

To Kill A Mockingbird is 50 years old. In a story examining the relevance of the book today as compared… read more A Pivotal Book

When it LOOKS like education

This weekend it occurred to me Mark Twain’s Diaries of Adam and Eve is an allegory for educational policy, practice,… read more When it LOOKS like education


When I think “asylum,” I think of safety as in to “give asylum to.” Then I think of One Flew… read more Asylum

Picture (Book) Perfect

There’s this story I like to tell about my introducing “literature” to my children. It involves my eldest. He must… read more Picture (Book) Perfect

This Year’s NYAF

We were fortunate to be among the latter-first in line to see the premiere of Soul Eater. We weren’t the… read more This Year’s NYAF

Pictures from Brooklyn

My eldest and I spent the day at the Brooklyn Book Fest (more correctly the Target Activities Tent). We had… read more Pictures from Brooklyn