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Books about the Asian American experience and by Asian American authors.

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Poems to sing to Wonderwall

After her story,“Stargazing,” I read all of ND Chan’s poetry to the tune of Oasis’ “Wonderwall.” “Stargazing” is my favorite… read more Poems to sing to Wonderwall

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Mirror Reflections

WARNING SPOILERS FOR BOTH MIRROR IN THE SKY AND KAZUO ISHIGURO’S NEVER LET ME GO 1928 International Telephone and Telegraph… read more Mirror Reflections

Sentimental About Local/Express

When Curtis Chin (founder of the Asian American Writer’s Workshop) asked me to submit something to an anthology he was… read more Sentimental About Local/Express

On Goodreads: Outer Suburbia

Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan My rating: 5 of 5 stars In terms of format, Tales from Outer… read more On Goodreads: Outer Suburbia

Lisa Simmon’s Sugar Weather

In Sugar Weather, Lisa Simmons sows the imagination with the seeds of a great gothic romance (in the English Lit… read more Lisa Simmon’s Sugar Weather

Rancho Rosetta Days

Bowling for Soup make suffering painful teen (tween) cliques fun. Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time is the fourth Lisa Yee book… read more Rancho Rosetta Days

Paul Yee’s Money Boy

Sodagreen’s “Little Universe” (the video above) plays in the background at the sushi restaurant where Ray meets some people who… read more Paul Yee’s Money Boy

An Asian American Summer Reading List

A version of this list appears on and   Mia Wenjen’s Jade Luck Club has the most extensive and… read more An Asian American Summer Reading List

Tara Masih’s The Chalk Circle

According to Wikipedia, in Wicca, standing inside a chalk circle can protect you from evil. It can even empower you…. read more Tara Masih’s The Chalk Circle

Thad Rutkowski’s Haywire

Reading Thad Rutkowski is like reading the lab journal written by the rat running the maze. His observations are just… read more Thad Rutkowski’s Haywire

Bobby’s Girl

What’s great about Lisa Yee’s book, Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally), is not that includes a Stay At Home Dad (SAHD),… read more Bobby’s Girl

Where the Dog Star Never Glows

  Tara’s Dog Star stories make me think of Morrissey crooning: I am human and I need to belong just… read more Where the Dog Star Never Glows