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Vincent Chin, Danny Chen, and Coping with Betrayal

Last weekend marked the 30th Anniversary of the murder of Vincent Chin. The week that lead up to it was… read more Vincent Chin, Danny Chen, and Coping with Betrayal

Anita’s Side Story

Writing about Romeo and Juliet, got me thinking about Tony and Maria. Thinking about Tony and Maria got me thinking… read more Anita’s Side Story

Once in a Lifetime: Ten Years of Telling My 9/11 Story

There’s a curious lyric right after the famous opening lines of the Talking Heads song, “Once In A Lifetime.” Letting… read more Once in a Lifetime: Ten Years of Telling My 9/11 Story

Remembering Sir

Right around the fifth paragraph of Marie Lee’s op-ed in the New York Times To Sir With Love started playing… read more Remembering Sir

The End of Books Store

I remember my first Amazon purchase. It was also my first Internet purchase. My curiosity was stirred by something I… read more The End of Books Store


Hamlet was my introduction to the Danes; Him and Danny Kaye prancing around a Hollywood set as Hans Christian Andersen…. read more Arbejdsglaede


From their website: Reverb 10 is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s… read more Reverb10

The Deferred

I grew up among a handful of Chinese families in Hollis, Queens. I have been mugged three times in my… read more The Deferred

The Newly Chinese

It’s not hard to draw comparisons between the new century vilification of Mexicans and the turn of the century vilification… read more The Newly Chinese


  I am going to play to stereotype and quote Bruce Lee: Knowledge in martial arts actually means self-knowledge… ultimately,… read more Honesty

The Happy Americana Meal

Andy Warhol from The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: The most beautiful thing in Tokyo is McDonald’s The most beautiful thing… read more The Happy Americana Meal

Bitter Tea

Recently Turner Classic Movies played The Good Earth and The Bitter Tea of General Yen back to back. I caught… read more Bitter Tea


“Beverly Hills to Boot Non-District K-8 Pupils.”  I don’t know which disturbs me more: the headline or the “under-informed” (as… read more 9021No

Social Sell

Two of my favorite recent ad campaigns are the new Hot Pockets “Eat Freely” and old Geico “Caveman.” What does… read more Social Sell

Unfold the Soul (dot) com

My friend Ken, founder of Unfold the Soul, sent this to me this morning: “Watch your thoughts, for they become… read more Unfold the Soul (dot) com

The Tribe of Babas

There was a rally in front of my children’s school. Many children (despite having gone through a lottery and been… read more The Tribe of Babas

Call Me Ishmael

Listen to this: He has a point. Why don’t we call each other “people, people, and people” or address… read more Call Me Ishmael

Do You See the Bull?

The (hu)man(archist)

The sign on the left says: Poverty. Whoever You Vote For. It STILL EXISTS. The sign on the right says:… read more The (hu)man(archist)


On April 24, the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) circulated a press release asking public officials, media representatives, and community… read more Karma