Author: Vincent


When I was young (maybe 10, maybe 7), my grandmother ran through the house shaking a rope of bells. My… read more JinXes

Waxy Poetic

It used to pour out of me. It used to be a state of mind. I used to be able… read more Waxy Poetic

Nine Lives Frisky

Are you an animal lover? Do you have pets? The Chinese aren’t big on the pets-n-baby scenario. I like to… read more Nine Lives Frisky

Just Like Momma Used To

I joke that my dad was the typical stony Chinese dad. I joke that the only time he spoke to… read more Just Like Momma Used To

If They Are Anything Like Me

You can’t help but compare.Oh he has your eyes.He has your mouth. It’s a real ego spurt when someone says… read more If They Are Anything Like Me

Rediscovering Anime

I have been rediscovering my love of anime. I was a big fan in the 90’s after college. I went… read more Rediscovering Anime

My “How I Met Your Mother” Story

If you would have told me six years ago that I would be married with children, I would have laughed… read more My “How I Met Your Mother” Story

What I Do

My goal after college was to sell the film rights and go out in a blaze of glory.Things didn’t happen… read more What I Do