“Cranial Gunk” is the “psychic goo” inside my head that makes some things “sticky” while other things are a struggle to recall. On this blog, I write about books, movies, TV, video games, pop culture, and media.

In addition to the Cranial Gunk blog, I was a regular contributor to Rice Daddies, an Asian American fatherhood blog, and have had essays and poetry published in the Asian American Literary Review’s Local/Express anthology and Nuyorasian, an anthology of New York Asian American writers.


Writers and publicists interested a review should contact me: vincent(at)cranialgunk.com. However, due to the volume of requests I will only respond to those who I am interested in reviewing. I also do not write on a deadline though I make every effort to accommodate the author or publicist’s publication schedule.

Please do not send me review requests through the comments section of any of the posts or pages of this blog. You must email me: vincent(at)cranialgunk.com.

My full bio and portfolio are available at www.cranialgunk.com.