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  I am going to play to stereotype and quote Bruce Lee: Knowledge in martial arts actually means self-knowledge… ultimately,… read more Honesty

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The Happy Americana Meal

Andy Warhol from The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: The most beautiful thing in Tokyo is McDonald’s The most beautiful thing… read more The Happy Americana Meal

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Bitter Tea

Recently Turner Classic Movies played The Good Earth and The Bitter Tea of General Yen back to back. I caught… read more Bitter Tea

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The Art of the Chinese Compliment

I pulled a real Chinese parent move recently. My eldest’s piano teacher told me he was playing very well but… read more The Art of the Chinese Compliment

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Picture (Book) Perfect

There’s this story I like to tell about my introducing “literature” to my children. It involves my eldest. He must… read more Picture (Book) Perfect

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For the Record

Listening to Rosanne Cash speak at the Times Center got me thinking about what “The List” I give my children… read more For the Record

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I remember our first Christmas together. I had gotten her one of those hand-held electric back massagers (which she asked… read more humbug

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Kohn Head

Whenever the subject of Asian parents and discipline comes up, I think of Russell Peters’ skit about his dad and… read more Kohn Head

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Hype it! Up! (WARNING! Spoilers!)

[If you are going to see the movie Up and are the type of person who is sensitive to being… read more Hype it! Up! (WARNING! Spoilers!)

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Little Dragon, Long Shadow

Robert and Phoebe, share quaint stories about their famous brother, Bruce. I’m a sucker for Bruce Lee documentaries. Not because… read more Little Dragon, Long Shadow