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Warhol in Three D

The Whitney’s Warhol exhibit gave me a new perspective on his work.  Up until “Andy Warhol— From A to B… read more Warhol in Three D

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Bowie is Documentary

There were two pieces of Bowie memorabilia I brought with me my freshman year of college and my first time… read more Bowie is Documentary

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My First Otakon

This year Otakon celebrated its 20th anniversary and I celebrated my first Otakon! According to Wikipedia, Otakon is “one of… read more My First Otakon

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Monkey’s Lincoln Center Journey

Stephen Chow’s A Chinese Odyssey is among my favorite adaptations of the Monkey King story I think it would be… read more Monkey’s Lincoln Center Journey

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NYCC 2012: Pokemon Pictures

Pictures from the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 celebration at SIR Stage 37.

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NYCC 2011: Green Lantern Series Review

WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS! Among the highlights of the 2011 New York Comic Con is the preview my children and I… read more NYCC 2011: Green Lantern Series Review

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This Year’s NYCC 2011

Like talking to teenagers about sex, not enough conversation happens between elementary/middle school students and their adult counterparts (teachers and… read more This Year’s NYCC 2011

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Hamlet was my introduction to the Danes; Him and Danny Kaye prancing around a Hollywood set as Hans Christian Andersen…. read more Arbejdsglaede

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Good friends tell each other the truth. They are honest with one another. But sometimes good friends allow each other… read more NYCC/NYAF 2010

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My Mummy’s Curse

  Maybe it was a just the times – Leonard Nimoy on In Search Of narrating the mysterious death of… read more My Mummy’s Curse