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Hallelujah Elvis

My favorite cover of an Elvis Costello song so far: “The Comedians” by Roy Orbison. Malcolm Gladwell spends the first 10… read more Hallelujah Elvis

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David Bowie

The Venture Brothers is my favorite Bowie-Non-Bowie comedy performance. Kara Eva Schiegl writes a pithy piece on David Bowie as… read more David Bowie

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Are We Still Devo?

Bob Casale’s death has me combing YouTube and the rest of the web for clips and stories about Devo. A… read more Are We Still Devo?

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Can A Song Save Your Life?

The Thursday after the 4th, they shot scenes for the movie, Can A Song Save Your Life? in my neighborhood…. read more Can A Song Save Your Life?

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Ziggy Stardust Turns 40

The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust turned 40 this June. To celebrate, EMI released a remastered version of the original album…. read more Ziggy Stardust Turns 40

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Wicked Little Earworm

I know exactly how Hedwig got into my head. It was Wayne County being interviewed in a BBC documentary about… read more Wicked Little Earworm

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Once in a Lifetime: Ten Years of Telling My 9/11 Story

There’s a curious lyric right after the famous opening lines of the Talking Heads song, “Once In A Lifetime.” Letting… read more Once in a Lifetime: Ten Years of Telling My 9/11 Story

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Remembering Sir

Right around the fifth paragraph of Marie Lee’s op-ed in the New York Times To Sir With Love started playing… read more Remembering Sir

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Under the Covers

Girl in a Coma’s Adventures in Coverland is a good covers album. The songs they chose to include work well… read more Under the Covers

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My Top 5 Educational TV Theme Songs

AM New York ran two highly entertaining and highly distracting (and highly debatable) articles: A timeline of TV theme songs… read more My Top 5 Educational TV Theme Songs